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448 Technology
Experienced developers ready to meet your technological needs

Website Design

Our web design team will create a reliable and well thought out website that functions on all devices and meets the needs of your organisation.


We’ll build you a site from scratch or use your existing site as a guide and redesign it. Integrate booking and paid services into your site with an option of keeping us on to provide support for your clients.


Online Platforms

We run our very own platform called Forumm so we know first hand how challenging it is to create a platform that works effortlessly for your clients day in and day out.


Our 448 Studio Technology team will work with you from inception to completion and guide you through the process. We can also provide client and customer support for your platform along the way as it becomes more widely used.



Mobile capability is so important, whether it’s wrapping your site or platform into an app or developing an app from the ground up we’re here to help.


Our team of UX and mobile developers will create a reliable and engaging app that is easily downloadable from both Google Play and Apple App stores.

Technology Team B/W

Meet the 448 Technology team

448 Studio Technology team (Islamabad) - left to right: Farhan Mehmood, Hassan Tahir, Hassnain Abbas, Junaid Malik, Ali Imran, Rehan Waheed, Ebad Hussain Akbar

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