35 days left to win £45K worth of work

If you haven't read my first post on 75/50 have a quick read, or rest won't really make sense.

For the rest of you I'm going to start with the most important thing. A KPI update.

WEEK 1: Total reach outs: 95 | Total business won: £19,600 | Days left: 42

WEEK 2: Total Reach outs: 135 (40 reach outs this week) | Total business won: £29,200 (£9600 this week) | Days left: 35

If I'm looking at these raw stats without bias it does appear as if we're starting to run out of steam after the initial enthusiasm of the first week. Which means a big push for a second wind next week; adding to that challenge is the fact that it's only a three day week next week with the Jubilee weekend.

Hilary points at slides as Dan takes a selfie
Hilary and I at our UCAS workshop

Both Hilary and I have been away from our day to day this entire week to run workshops for UCAS and the University of Bristol which may have added to dip in these figures. It was amazing getting to see people face to face and running in-person sessions but it also highlights the importance of being tactical when it comes to travel and being away from the office.

Some positives from this past week.

  • We launched our brand new Forumm website

  • Forumm V2 event creation is almost finished and we have a clear roadmap for completion

  • Both Hilary and I had the pleasure of seeing our pals at UCAS and University of Bristol in person and conduct three days of social media workshops

Lots to celebrate, but also a bit of a kick in the pants to get us back on track.

We have 35 days to raise £45K.

I'll highlight again what we can offer:

  • Social and digital media workshops & training

  • Online event platform - Forumm

  • Event live streaming / broadcasting

  • Video editing

  • Virtual event project management