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448 Studio goes international

Our little Scottish company has expanded to Pakistan and it kind of blows my mind.

Read our press release here.

Our team is now well and truly international. Introducing 448 Studio Technology Islamabad. Since acquiring the online event platform Forumm our team has grown and adapted to new technical challenges. I'm pleased to say we now have a full time in-house team of eight highly skilled individuals dedicated to the further development of Forumm.

This was a massive team effort lead by our 448 Studio UK Integration Lead and newly appointed Pakistan division CEO Junaid Malik. When Junaid joined our Glasgow team in January little did he suspect that just a few months later we would be flying him out to Pakistan on a top secret mission to launch a new division. After a few misfires with flight cancellations due to Covid-19 Junaid finally arrived mid-July and got straight to work.

The decision to launch a dedicated team was not one we took lightly. It was a calculated risk that we decided to take after identifying the amount of constant work that goes into developing a platform like Forumm. Our team looked for opportunities to outsource the development work which would have given us a quick turnaround initially, but would stunt our future growth and prove difficult when integrating with our current UK based development team.

Our own in-house team also presents new opportunities as we have the added capacity to work on new and exciting projects, while relying on our existing in-country infrastructure to scale the team to meet the needs of new clients.

448 Studio Logo and white board
448 Studio Technology entrance and brainstorm space.

Our aim is to have our fully automated Forumm platform available for use in January (this is the off the shelf option) - don't worry our bespoke event platform is still fully operational to host your big events. You will also see some upgrades to our current websites (both 448 and Forumm) in the coming months too.

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