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448 Studio Ltd acquires Forumm

Expanding the UK’s premiere social and digital media support agency with a fully customisable ‘all-in-one’ virtual event solution.

448 Studio and Forumm logos
448 Studio and Forumm

448 Studio Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired Forumm, bringing together two passionate teams committed to providing an incredible spectrum of online and digital services to the education sector.

448 Studio Ltd provides social and digital media support to the education and public sector, and have had the privilege of working with clients that include the Welsh Parliament, UCAS, and universities around the UK.

“448 Studio’s mission is to work alongside University, College and Public sector organisations to support their social and digital media strategy. By combining Forumm’s customisable online event platform with our services, we’re excited to offer an even more well-rounded digital approach for our clients”, said CEO and Founder of 448 Studio Daniel Marrable.

He continued: “Our team always strives to deliver a bespoke service tailored to each of our client's digital goals and needs. Bringing Forumm into 448 Studio was a perfect fit because Forumm’s team is truly dedicated to ensuring that virtual events are fully customisable and stand out from the rest.”

Forumm is an all-in-one customisable virtual conference and event platform that comes with unique features like full HD live streaming support. Founded amidst COVID, Forumm’s team have worked incredibly hard over the past eight months to deliver personalised, client-oriented events online for world-renowned organisations like Havas People, AHDB, and Enterprise Educators UK. 100% of event organisers have said they would like to work with Forumm’s platform and team again. Organising and creating these events has been a lot of fun and learning for everyone at Forumm, and every day of work has been meaningful because it has enabled the team to promote real connection around the world in this time of increasing social isolation over lockdown.

Forumm Co-founder Eric Kim said: “We’re delighted that Forumm is joining forces with social and digital media consultancy 448 Studio. Looking at the bigger picture, we decided to go ahead with this move because it was clear that both teams would benefit, and also complement each other well in terms of cultural fit. We’re excited to see how our services and team continue to grow and evolve.”

With this acquisition, 448 Studio team has now expanded to a solid team count of 10, with vision to grow even larger in the future! Over the next couple of months, our aim is to provide online event support to universities and colleges running their Virtual Graduations whilst continuing to work with academics to expand research impact via the use of social media.


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