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A very merry 448 Christmas

Hi and welcome back to my weekly blog! It’s Christmas and we should all be nicer and more forgiving, so let’s all pretend it I didn't miss last week’s post.

If you read my previous blogs you might know I was in London for the Santander Impact Awards 2019. Let’s get it out of the way, I didn't win. I did have an incredible night out in Shoreditch with some of my newly acquainted fellow candidates though, so the trip was definitely worth it. 100% would recommend, both the Awards ceremony and the night out. Once back in Glasgow, I had a 3000 word essay to write (4th year is fuun!), a train to Manchester and a flight home to catch. All of the above have been done. I am now comfortably sitting in my cozy Italian home after having had ragú pasta (for uncultured people, bolognese) BUT still somehow working away for Dan.

I love my job.

Most importantly, it’s Christmas!

I wish all of my 4 readers (one of which I know it’s my mum) a very merry Christmas and fantastic holidays. I am not religious myself, but I love Christmas. The advent calendar, decorating the Christmas tree, baking biscuits, wrapping presents, I love it! I love the traditions! In my ideal future world we would all celebrate the holidays we prefer and make them into huge global parties. In no order of preference, I would like to present to you my favourite holidays:

  • Christmas (of course)

  • Halloween

  • Carnival

  • Dia de los Muertos (the day of the dead)

  • Diwali

  • The Bacchanalia

  • Beltane

  • New Years Eve

Since every day is a good day to celebrate, I would be happy to enrich my list with any suggestions. A bit like the Old Romans used to do. Speaking of which, Dan and I (more myself than Dan) have put together a great content calendar of all festivities of 2020 and cannot wait to share it (first one arrives in January)!

These Christmas holidays will be quite interesting for me, not only because I get to enjoy marvellous Italian food and the warmth of my family, but also because I find myself on the verge of choosing what to do with my life once again. There is something people always seem to forget to tell you when you go to university: It will not last forever. I find myself at the end of my studies and terrified to launch myself into the real world. Therefore, I have decided to do what everyone in my situation seems to be doing: apply for a masters and delay adulting for one more year. So my weeks will be filled with university applications and readings for my dissertation.

I won't keep you for long today, we all have dinners to attend, weird relatives to tolerate and unwanted gifts to unwrap

(why is there always a distant auntie or uncle who thinks she/he knows your tastes even though you haven't seen them in about 10 years?). One thing I would like to say, it’s that often time is the most precious gift we can give. So not only because I rant against pointless consumerism (see my Black Friday blog), but do think about sharing more than just objects for Christmas. Buy from second hand shops! Buy tickets for concerts! Donate art and donate experiences. Be kind, but don't be kind just because it's Christmas. Enjoy your time with the people you love (if it's family, chosen family, friends or just yourself) and be happy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

(Best Christmas Song Ever Written?)

Lots of Love



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