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All Day All Night - 24 Hour Virtual Conference

Social & Digital Media Conference for the Education Sector

26 June 2020

Rob and I have attended and participated in our fair share of Higher Education (HE) conferences over the years and always find them so valuable for knowledge sharing and connecting with colleagues. We were discussing how it was a shame we would be missing out this summer. So, we decided to pull ourselves together and host a virtual conference. The world is smaller than ever right now. With the recent increased use of video technology to interact with one another a virtual conference presents minimal restrictions. This means we aren't reliant on the proximity of our speakers or attendees, and as a nice bonus, our carbon footprint is extremely low too. As a speaker’s location isn’t a barrier anymore we have the opportunity to offer one of the most impressive and competitive speaker line-ups from around the world. Did we mention it’s a 24 hour conference? During All Day All Night it wouldn’t be unheard of to hop into a talk from your bed at 3am just to ask a speaker in Australia a live question about social media use for researchers. Or maybe you’re looking to have a conversation with someone in Malaysia to ask what drives a typical student’s decision to study abroad during our global networking session. Our mission for this conference is to share knowledge and connect people within the education sector on a global scale. Get involved!

Visit for more information on the conference.


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