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August, where did you go?

Do most of your emails begin with 'sorry for the delayed response'? Well this blog is no different, I know we're well into September, but I have an excuse. Laura has gone on holiday, and 488 Studio is literally falling apart (jk). Honestly though, she deserves a break after putting up with me for the past three months. Here's your August update!

Laura holding up her contract

Let's begin with the biggest news of the month

Since Laura joined the 448 Studio team just three short months ago, I truly don't know what I did without her! We had it as a part of both our goals to find a way to keep her on after her internship came to an end. Really pleased to announce that Laura will be continuing to work with 448 (I'll let her have her holiday back home in Italy first). She'll be back in the game come Monday next week, and I couldn't be happier! 

PS. She's been nominated for Intern of the Year - more updates about that next month (well this month I guess).

Cardiff Trip

Great to spend a couple days with Jemma and her team at Cardiff University. It was an intensive two days meeting with various staff from a variety of departments all of whom we asked for input into the overall social media strategy. It's such an important and often overlooked step to not only get advice on what people think a strategy should look like, but to also get buy-in across your organisation. Big thanks to Jemma for arranging all the meetings and being willing to be stuck in a room with me for two days straight!

If you're looking to refresh or a guide to create your organisation's social media strategy I've written an article that might help... and if it doesn't you can always hire me ;)

Glasgow Clyde College

Back at Clyde College this month for our largest social media workshop to date. 50 people (well around 50 people) joined us for the afternoon to run through social media channels, best practise for creating content and to top it off we sent everyone out for an hour to create a short social media video. It was definitely a different dynamic to have that many people in the room and slightly nerve wracking as most of my workshops consist of around 10 people, but we managed! 

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

After working with the Hunterian team on the promotion of TRIX in Glasgow (one of two full T-rex dinosaur fossils in existence), they asked me to come and spend a day with

them and I was more than happy to oblige. We spent the day learning about new trends and developing a solid social media strategy. Though there were many highlights throughout the day, I think it's safe to say that convincing @chrismaclure to become active on Twitter was my favourite.


The Personal Stuff

After a bit of a rocky road (as I'm sure some of you have saw on social), I'm happy to say we've moved into our new place in Kilmacolm and we're thrilled to be out in the peace and quiet. Honestly the loudest thing out here are the cows mooing.

That being said after one week in the new place, our dog Samwise took ill. After being in the animal hospital for a week (thank god for pet insurance) he was diagnosed with something called Addison's disease and was having what's

called an Addisonian crisis. It was pretty serious for a bit there and we actually thought we were going to lose him. So grateful for the the care he was given and we feel blessed to finally have him home and on the mend, just a pill a day and he'll be fine (the question is, who doesn't have to take a pill a day to be fine!).


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