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Encouraging Staff Advocacy at Your University

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Have lots of staff at your university doing wonderful things? Find that they aren't so good at sharing these wonderful things online?

Promoting social media advocacy is a common challenge faced by universities, but one that is worth persisting with; your staff can be a great help in reaching new audiences and nurturing a solid community around your university. But how do you get them on board without sounding like a broken record?

We've pinpointed 5 techniques to encourage advocacy that are sure to get your staff excited about spreading the word.

1. Let’s get personal

Let's face it, we all love a good story.

One of the most powerful ways to encourage advocacy is by creating a personal connection between your staff and your institution. Consider hosting a storytelling workshop where your staff can share their personal stories about why they love working at your university.

Not only will this help your staff feel more connected to your institution, but it will also give them compelling stories to share with others.

2. Lead by example

Your senior leadership is the driving force behind your institution. Encourage them to become advocates for your university by having them share their experiences on social media, write blogs, or give speeches at events. Solid and consistent social advocacy from the 'top dogs' can set a standard for the rest of the university.

Let your staff see how passionate your leaders are about your institution, and they'll follow suit.

3. Make it shareable

Want your staff to share your content on social media? Make it incredibly easy to share! Create engaging graphics or videos that your staff are proud to share on their own channels.

You can also create shareable infographics that highlight interesting statistics or data about your institution, which can be great conversation starters.

4. Empower your staff

If you want your staff to become advocates, you need to give them the tools to do so.

Consider creating a social media toolkit that includes guidelines for posting, suggested content to share, and tips for engaging with their audience. Offer training sessions to teach your staff how to use social media effectively and how to create compelling content.

5. Celebrate your staff

Sometimes, the best way to encourage advocacy is by showing your staff how much you appreciate them.

Consider creating an employee recognition program that rewards staff for their advocacy efforts. You can also create a 'wall of fame' that showcases staff members who have gone above and beyond in their advocacy efforts.

Celebrate their successes and let them know how much you value their hard work.

Develop a culture of social media advocacy and you'll have your staff raving about your institution to everyone they know (and even some strangers on the street).

Remember, creating a personal connection, leading by example, creating shareable content, empowering your staff, and celebrating them are all essential steps in building long-lasting, successful staff advocacy.

But if you're still feeling stuck or overwhelmed, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll help you navigate the staff advocacy jungle with ease and help make your staff the biggest cheerleaders for your university.


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