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Fun 448 Facts: Of plus-sized luggage and Spotify wrap-ups

It’s finally here! Blog Number 10!

Or Blog number X, the one that I thought was two weeks ago. I was never good with numbers, or Latin. Both lies actually, I was very good at maths and decent at Latin (for the little effort put in). An art student that knows maths, who would believe that?

Anyways, for this blog I wanted to do something special. Something a bit different. Let’s pretend I followed any logical sense so far in my weekly rants about feminism, politics, consumerism and who knows what else. I swear I am not taking money from anyone to push for a leftist agenda. Or am I?

So before wrapping up 2019, I wanted to talk about my work at 448 Studio a little bit. Because in this exact moment I am sitting in a very warm room at Cardiff University and it’s Dan’s turn to talk. Maximise your working time! I can multitask. Ish.

I just delivered a part of our Social Media Strategy workshop and I have to say, I think it went pretty well! I am not too terrified of public speaking, but I am a millennial after all, and we hate awkward interactions. Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and looked at your phone until it stopped ringing? Have you then googled the number? And have you texted them “Hey, I just received a call from this number” instead of calling back? If you answered yes, probably we’re in the same generation.

But I’m ranting here. What I wanted to say is that finally I feel like I have the confidence of delivering the workshops and enough knowledge (thanks to the ever-patient Dan) to walk people through the jungle that is Social Media. Now I just have to apply that knowledge to my personal accounts and become an influencer. Bye Dan! My 5 minutes of fame expect me.

Speaking of fame, I have been shortlisted for an award! I see this as an absolute win and inevitable first step towards my first Academy Award. Just gimme that Oscar already. The award has nothing to do with film and is actually for the work I have done for 448 Studio over summer. Remember when I was an innocent DIGITALPRODUCTDEVELOPMENT intern? No? Me neither. Summer is always a blurry period.

Apparently I was decent at what I was doing (what exactly, I am not sure), since The University of Glasgow nominated me for the Santander Student Intern Award, and I am part of the 15 finalists that have been selected out of 86 Universities. I will attend the Awards Ceremony in London on Wednesday, so feel free to keep your fingers crossed for me. I am extremely excited to go, mainly for two reasons: it’s the first time someone is reimbursing my travel costs (I do not know why, but it feels very professional) and I will have the opportunity of using the brand new suit I bought to attend a wedding I ended up not being invited to.

As said, it’ an exciting time. Not only because I am procrastinating writing a 3000-words essay by watching Cold Case Files on Netflix and scaring myself to death. Dan and I are currently in Cardiff (still in the very warm room) and this is my very first work trip. I have to say, I am afraid I will be fired as soon as we leave. We hadn’t even left Glasgow that I messed up already. Hardly my fault though.

Basically, Dan booked flights on an insect-like plane. Something that probably shouldn’t be allowed to fly anymore. The plane you’d expect to see flying from a Caribbean island to another (Max flight time: 8 Minutes). Not only was it delayed, it also had the SMALLEST baggage allowance I have ever experienced in my life. Since this very-secure machine has only space for a briefcase under your seats or over, they checked every single suitcase and mine was never-ever going to fit. I have flown everywhere with that case, but it was fat-shamed by the horrible size standards of FlyBe. Shame on you. Long story short, we had to pay for it. And now Dan will forever make fun of me for it. I regained equality very quickly though when I dug out some dirt from Dan’s musical preferences. His Spotify artist of the year was Ariana Grande, and there is just no way I will not judge him for that. When your song of the year is Thank u, next and mine is White rabbit (Jefferson Airplane), there is no way I won’t take advantage of that.

So, I got over the embarrassment of my curvy case almost immediately.

About Cardiff, I won’t say much apart from the weather doesn’t make sense (It rained, hailed, we were flashed by a massive lightning and then saw the sun in under 24 hours) and the accent is wonderful. The beer is nice too, but I’m probably not allowed to say that I drank alcohol on a work trip. Anyways, working with Gemma and Cardiff University has been great. Hope this will be the start of many more workshops and work trips and, who knows? A career.

Hope I didn't bore you to death with my adventures, I'll pick-up our digital updates next week (Promise).


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