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How to plan for a successful TikTok Creator campaign

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It’s easy to get excited about running your first TikTok campaign, working with creators on the platform. But have you thought about what makes a campaign successful?

Off the back of working with UCAS on their ‘Just So You Know’ campaign this summer, we share our top tips for those new to TikTok creator campaigns. With TikTok Creator Marketplace now available in the UK, we took full advantage of the tools the platform had to offer during the campaign.

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace

Relatively new to the UK, TikTok’s Creator Marketplace is their official platform for creator collaborations. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re new to working with influencers, as it offers easy to use tools and processes. You can source creators, manage your campaign, and produce reports all in one place.

4 top tips for TikTok Creator campaigns

Tip 1: Have a clear brief

This may sound like a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised about how many campaigns kick off without a clear direction. Why is it so important, well here are a few reasons why:

  • You’ll need key facts from your brief to enter into Creator Marketplace as you set up your campaign

  • Creators will inevitably ask further questions once they’ve received the invite to consider your campaign; you need to be clear on all aspects of your campaign

  • The brief acts as an important point of reference to refer back to, especially if your campaign hits a problem along the way

  • Understanding your goals and objectives (ideally SMART) will assist in making decisions, and a smoother process of reporting at the end of the campaign

Unsure on where to start with your brief? Take a look at our earlier blog about the UCAS campaign where we share our approach.

Tip 2: Know your audience

Creator Marketplace is really useful for shaping your plans, as each stage of the set-up process expects you to know everything about your campaign. This includes knowing your audience, including who they are (demographics) and what they like (interests).

As you progress to selecting Creators, you’ll soon see how understanding your audience makes your job so much easier. It also pays dividends if you choose to activate paid ads for your campaign. Creator Marketplace provides an informative snapshot of audience demographics on each creator available to recruit via the platform. We particularly like the chart showing active vs. inactive audience (bottom left below).

Four charts from a creator's dashboard in TikTok Creator Marketplace, showing audience gender, audience age, TikTok usage, and device.
Example audience demographics for a creator

Tip 3: Organic, Paid, or Both?

Organic content, when done right, continues to see amazing results on TikTok. Whether the content created by influencers is posted on your channel or direct to their accounts, you may also want to consider paid activity to boost performance.

  • Posting organic content - if your brand is new to TikTok or you’ve yet to build a following, consider having the Creator post campaign content to their own channel.

  • TikTok Spark Ads - an easy to use and impactful option for boosting creator content, with the option to create calls to action (CTAs) back to your own account or website.

  • Paid only - unlike other platforms, you don’t need to have an organic account to run paid TikTok ads. This is perfect for running influencer campaigns with relevant CTAs.

  • Get the rights, right - if you’re looking to put a budget behind organic creator posts, keep in mind it’s not uncommon for creators (via their agents) to add on additional fees for using the content in paid campaigns.

Tip 4: Paid + Length = Success

If you decide to include paid activity in your campaign, proceed with caution when it comes to creating your content. You have a full 60 seconds to play with, but don’t! All the advice out there, including from TikTok themselves.

You should ideally look to create ads that are 9 to 15 seconds long.


Unsure about where to start? We recommend setting your brand up on Creator Marketplace and TikTok Ads, to explore both platforms. They are intuitive and unlike other platforms, it is not hard to speak to a human being who is willing to help with advice and guidance.


If you or your team need some support on student driven campaigns with influencers and authentic content get in touch:


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