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Insta-Queens: 4 University Posts That Reign Supreme on Instagram

Dog looking at camera surrounded by autumn leaves
The University of Chicago's Insta giving us 2 things we love: autumn leaves & happy pups

Want to master the art of stopping those endless scrolls with eye-catching posts? Grab your double-tap finger and join us as we unveil 4 universities that prove they're more than just textbooks and lecture halls!

University of Iowa

Insta: @uiowa

The 'Hawkeye Wave' might just be our favourite tradition in sports.

At the end of the 1st quarter - as the countdown clock hits zero - 70,000+ football fans turn their attention from the field to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. In unison, they wave to the paediatric patients and their families watching the game.

It's a heart-warming tradition and this post gives us all the feels.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University really do have a luxury of beautiful buildings, it would be crazy not to show them off!

They do so in spectacular fashion with imagery that give us a sneak peak into what life studying at Cambridge can look like. An added bonus is the little nuggets of information they add in captions; creating another layer of post engagement.

Are you making the most of the architecture that fills your campus? Make sure to enrich the content with some little fun-filled facts.

University of California LA

Insta: @UCLA

UCLA social media team are masters of 'trend hacking', the art of piggybacking on hot brands and engaging trends.

Far from grabbing onto the coat-tails of these trends, UCLA co-create entertaining videos that are university-centric; as you can see with this wonderful Instagram Collab post with @etrikekaraoke.

Unfamiliar with Instagram Collab posting? Find out more here.

University of Glasgow

Insta: @uofglasgow

We just couldn't resist a post from UofG, especially with that iconic tower receiving a sprinkling of snowflakes.

This is a great example of taking advantage of the elements to create reactive posts, as seasons are a striking way to portray your university in a different light.

Are you capturing how your university grounds evolve through term time?

As we bid adieu to our Insta Hall-of-Famers, one thing is crystal clear: it is possible for your university to leave an indelible mark on our scrolling habits.


I hope these posts have inspired as much as they have amused, and if you'd like help with your social media strategy, you know where to find us! Just click here and let the brainstorming begin.


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