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It feels like we're a few months into 2020 already!

January went from 0 - 100 'real' quick! With barely a chance to warm up I was straight off to London with Rob for Santander training, followed by Lancaster University Academic workshops. Then full days with the lovely people at UofG's School of Social and Political Studies and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow PLUS managed to slip in a lecture with UofG Geography and Earth Sciences students about video creation. Gosh... more on all of this below. Gooooooong enjoy!



Santander Universities

Kicking off the year with a trip to London to collaborate with Rob from Neon Caffeine on some training with Santander Universities team. They have taken the approach of empowering their relationship managers with their own individual professional Twitter accounts to accompany their already successful LinkedIn profiles. The training day was centred on getting the team comfortable and ready to create short videos about the work they are doing. Already the videos have been popping up on LinkedIn and Twitter with lots of engagement, well done Santander team! 

PS. Next time you see Rob ask him about his adventure the morning of our training!

Lancaster University

January also saw the kick-off of our Social Media Impact Programme collaboration with Lancaster University. This is phase two of a project that began last year with Dr Carla Banks (Global Reputation Manager) where we've been coming alongside researchers and academics and developing a programme that not only supports their use of social media but measures their impact across their channels. As Social Media becomes more prevalent in the research world we're working to set up a quantifiable way to gather the right digital information to add to case studies and grant applications in the future. Yesterday we hosted LU's first ever 'Unconference' open to academics to discuss their own use of social media. This programme will run until the end of June, looking forward to seeing how it grows!

PS. As a white male, you'd think I'd know how to spell privilege!

Social Media Strategy & Content Creation Workshops

The core of 448 Studio is teaching others the fundamentals of social media, and giving them the confidence to create content and reach their audience. That's why I love having the opportunity to run workshops. This month saw the likes of UofG's School of Political and Social Sciences and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (as featured in the gong video). 

Beyond the Academy

I had the pleasure of being asked back to deliver a lecture on Social Media Video Creation to 4th year UofG Geography and Earth Science students. This is the second year of the Beyond the Academy course run by Dr Emma Laurie. Part of the student's grade is based on creating a short video around various topics aimed at high school students to be shared on social media. It's great to see programmes like this taking on unconventional ways to not only teach a subject but also new and transferable skills that can be applied within the workplace.


The Personal Stuff

Spending as much time as humanly possible with Francis trying to not miss a single thing, AND Emma and Millie came to visit for a lovely walk around Knapps. 

Here's what February has in store

  • Social Media workshop with UofG School of Education

  • Travelling to Cheltenham for three days with UCAS

  • Off to Cardiff for a couple days with the National Assembly for Wales (and hopefully seeing Jemma Cole!)

  • AND Dad and Mum are coming for another visiting again!


Need help planning your Feb content?

We've got you covered. We've partnered up with Mish Guru to put together what could be trending throughout the month. Download our February content inspiration calendar by clicking the image below.

That's your monthly dose of 448 Studio!

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