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Join the Forumm Founding Community

At Forumm, our primary goal is to help institutions foster connected and thriving alumni networks through the power of events. To achieve this, we've launching the Forumm Founding Community (FFC), an exclusive partnership limited to just 10 universities for an entire year. Our focus is on delivering value and fostering collaboration among like-minded professionals.

Our platform is built on three essential values: Community, Connection, and Curation. I firmly believe that a strong community is the foundation for deepening alumni relationships. With our dedicated expert team, we want to collaborate with your department to create meaningful experiences tailored for both alumni and current students.

Forumm goes beyond being just a platform. We're a team of professionals committed to supporting your department in planning and executing successful events. Our skilled team will provide guidance in event planning, delivery, technical enquiries, and marketing strategies, ensuring a seamless experience for your alumni community.

As a member of our Founding Community, you'll benefit from unlimited access to Forumm's features, bespoke development and analytics, and priority integration and new features. You'll also join an exclusive network of professionals from nine other founding universities in the UK and US, sharing ideas and best practices through virtual meet-ups and events.

Computer with Forumm on it

I'd like to invite you to join the Forumm Founding Community today and discover how we can help transform your alumni engagement by delivering value and fostering genuine connections. If you're interested in exploring Forumm further and learning how your university can become part of this collaborative community, please feel free to contact me directly ( I'm excited to share how Forumm can support your university's alumni department in nurturing a thriving global community.

Together, let's create meaningful experiences for your alumni!

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