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Learn to run your own hybrid and virtual event

Over the past few months we've seen a huge shift from virtual events to that lovely word 'hybrid'. Event organisers now face the expectations that their events are live streamed or recorded - oftentimes both!

To support the up-skilling required to host great hybrid and virtua

l events, we've developed two comprehensive training workshops specifically designed to

Image of a computer with hybrid and virtual event training on the screen

train you and your staff how to seamlessly live stream an event, and how to effectively project manage a virtual or hybrid event.

Pulling from the years of broadcast experience with our event platform Forumm our team will ensure you have the skills you need to deliver your next hybrid event successfully with your own team.

Download our online event workshop outline below, and if you'd like to chat, just get in touch.

448 Academy Hybrid and Online Event Workshops
Download PDF • 617KB

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