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My last 448 update was four months ago

I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown, we’ve been non-stop over here. So let’s dive straight in.

Company Update

Our little 448 Studio team has grown so much since March, we’re up to five full time and four part time staff. Ranging from office admin all the way to project management and product development. It’s been amazing watching the team grow and work together, we’ve been hard at work delivering online / hybrid events and social media support and workshops for our lovely Higher Ed clients.

We’re also in the process of developing an online / hybrid video live streaming tool specifically designed for lecturers. Once I have more information I’ll make sure to let you guys know.

Who we’ve been working with


We’ve been working with UCAS to launch a really exciting social media campaign to encourage students leading up to Clearing and Confirmation. The campaign is called ‘Just so you know’ and we’ve sent out messaging to all UK University teams to create re-assuring video content for students and parents that will be shared across UCAS social channels. Also keep your eyes peeled for some TikTok fun too (but that’s all I can say right now).

Leeds University

Our social media support programme for academics launched two months ago with two half day workshops and just over 40 academics in attendance. We’ll continue to grow with the selected academic groups over the next 6 months to help them develop their social media content strategy and guide them to meet the objectives we set in our workshops.

Royal Conservatoire Scotland

I had the pleasure of returning to host an evening talk as part of the RCS ‘Make It Happen’ programme. The talk was all around developing a social media strategy and personal brand. Lovely to be back (even digitally) and great to see the RCS take such a proactive approach to empowering their students to make the most of their digital presence.

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

So happy to have been involved in a truly international event. Reaching over 60 countries worldwide AMI used our Forumm platform to host their two day AGM conference. Our team worked closely with AMI’s team in the Netherlands to run a successful online event that featured four simultaneous live streams (which was a new one for us). Big congratulations to AMI but also a big kudos to the 448 Studio team for banding together and making it happen.

Array Festival

Our first hybrid event! That’s right, once again our Forumm team has developed a way for events to broadcast live directly onto our digital stage. Array Festival is a celebration of the incredible enterprise taking place in the Lancaster City region and we’re happy to support that.

Welsh Parliament

Happy to return to the Welsh Parliament to deliver the first of what we hope to be a series of workshops around blog writing.

All Day All Night

Our flagship conference All Day All Night saw over 30 speakers from around the globe share their knowledge on social and digital media for the education sector. Our whole team really pulled together for 24 hours of live video streaming content! If you missed out, all the recordings are still available to view.

Think Student Conference

Had the pleasure of hosting Net Native’s Think Student conference on our Forumm platform. The conference was dedicated to the Education sector’s marketing world, and addressed some of the important changes taking place in this digital-first era.

Looking forward

We’re hosting the HEIST awards this year on our platform at the end of this week. It’s been great working with the HAVAS Education team on another online award ceremony, this year it’s also combined with a conference prior to the event. Over the next few months we will be running a variety of hybrid events too.

Looking to continue expanding our 448 Studio team, and are in the throes of putting together business plans and projections for our first round of investment; which has been a learning experience for all of us involved. We’ll be using the funds to continue developing our online event platform for the education sector along with creating a tool designed specifically for lecturers.

Stay tuned for an update, but 448 Studio has gone international - with an announcement soon about a new office opening outside of the UK.

Our key focus

As always our key focus is heavily embedded in the education sector. We’re not only working with Universities to develop social and digital media workshops, but coming alongside them to build programmes of full scale impact driven social and digital support for their academic community.

We’re also continuing to build on the success of our all-in-one online event platform Forumm. If you’re looking for help with an online or hybrid event please don’t hesitate to reach out.

That's your full-on dose of everything 448. Get in touch any time, would love to catch-up.


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