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New 448 Studio Services

We've been hard at work all summer developing brand new services at 448 Studio.

TL;DR: Social media support for academics and custom online event platform with professional live streaming.

Support for academics and research

Are you looking for an effective way to support your academic community's social media?

Laura and I have been working alongside academics for two years and have been developing these social media packages to support their research. These options provide everything from help with content planning all the way to creating a plan that will help research groups feel comfortable using social media.

1) Content Planner - Plan content with our social media content calendar developed specifically for research trends.

2) Content Creator - A content calendar created just for you with additional support from the 448 Studio team throughout the year.

3) Custom - We'll work with your team or research group to customise a programme that fits your objectives.

All of these options come with access to our member's only forum. This is a space where you can connect with academics around the world. When working at universities we found the best way to learn was from your own peers. This forum gives academics and researchers the opportunity to network and share knowledge on a global scale.

Have a read through what we offer including three case studies here.

Online events

Are you planning an online graduation, award ceremony or conference?

We've been working with an ace team to develop a platform specifically created for large scale online events with a plethora of customisations and add-ons that will have your attendees talking. Along with this bespoke platform comes support for live streaming multiple speakers, pre-recorded video, live animations and social media integrations to make your event stand out from the generic webinar routine. 

With winter graduations upon us, now might be the best time to get in touch to see how we can come alongside and support your event.


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