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OUR LAST UPDATE OF 2020, Woohoo!

This is it, the last update of 2020. I'll still more than likely send you a Merry Christmas email but that doesn't really count. Ok lets get straight into it.


November was over in a flash

We did a lot of things in November. Here's a list for some easy reading:

  • Wrapped up a series of video content creation workshops with Engineering PhD students at the University of Glasgow / Queen's University Belfast

  • Helped plan and deliver the Heist Award's very first online ceremony - It was their 30th anniversary and they let me present an award which was nice

  • Delivered a full social media online training day to the lovely research team at the Welsh Parliament

  • Continued our social media ads for various University courses for 2021 applications (2021 already!)

What student life is really like

Every month Laura chooses a topic that hits close to home and writes about it. I wanted to highlight this particular blog because I believe that students have been given a really hard time in mainstream media when it comes to Covid-19. Laura highlights the struggles that students are facing right now.

Our monthly calendar is changing next year

Say goodbye to your monthly generic content inspiration calendar and hello to our research specific detailed calendar. As part of our academic support packages we've (Laura) decided to put our energy into creating a detailed calendar based off events that directly relate to the Sciences and Arts. Below you'll see a generic calendar for December (click to download) and then one page of our academic calendar for January 2021 (each month averages about five pages). We will be sending out more info on this in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. If you're super interested in finding out more just respond to this email and I'll fill you in.

And now for a page of our detailed calendar rolling out next year


The personal stuff

  • Laura has been elected as class rep for her masters (of course she has) along with juggling full time student lockdown life with splendid advertising work for 448 Studio

  • I've been burning the candle at both ends running 448 and being a part of a new online events platform called Forumm - looking forward to the Christmas break

  • 'Marrable Wild Boys' is the unofficial name of our Friday club consisting of yours truly, Francis (aka Frankie P) and of course Samwise. I'm so fortunate to be able to take my Fridays off to look after the wee man, we always have an absolute blast.

That's all from me, have an amazing December. Let's catch up next year!



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