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University of Glasgow Grad Balances Flexible Work Hours With Ranger Studies

Please welcome Ellie Moore to the 448 Studio family as our social media and content creation intern! We hired Ellie through the University of Glasgow’s internship program and we couldn’t be happier with how quickly she’s slotted into the team. Ellie is working flexible hours with 448, allowing her to work around a Ranger training course at the University of Highland and Islands. How exciting!

But who is she and why did we hire her? Best to find out in Ellie’s own words:

“Hello! I’m Ellie and I’m the new social media and content creation intern at 448 Studio. My job is to help out in any way I can with the 448 social media strategy, including research, planning, scheduling, and content creation. Having graduated with a degree in Film and Television studies from the University of Glasgow last year, this is a really exciting opportunity to get back into learning and creating new things.

I have worked on social media strategies with various businesses in the past and currently create digital content for organisations such as Unite Students and the Cairngorms National Park. The latter has been a great way to combine social media work with my other passion: the outdoors. In the long run, I would like to develop these two areas of work into one, and that is why I have also just started a ranger training course at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Fort William.

Outside of work, I am quite crafty and have a very tiny wood carving business on Etsy. Pre-Covid, I was involved with lots of youth projects in all kinds of areas that allowed me to travel and see the world, but now, between work, studying, and carving, I tend to stick to the digital universe and discover new places through video games.

Thank you to 448 Studio for taking me on and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months!”

Way to go Ellie! As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited to start seeing regular content of ‘the great outdoors’ in our team chats (and we’ll make sure Ellie posts them on our socials too).

So what exactly will Ellie be doing day-to-day at 448? Probably best to pass the mic back over:

"Over the coming weeks, I will be taking on the task of posting on 448 Studio and Forumm’s social media accounts. I have spent some time coming up with a content calendar that covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and includes all kinds of digital content; from fun stats, to tips for conferences, to nice things that other people have said about 448 Studio on a shiny background. I will also be creating regular blogs, which will focus on social media tips for education professionals, online conference creators and attendees, and other digital businesses. I’m really excited to get stuck into something creative and gain some more experience in this type of content creation!"

Welcome to the team Ellie! We’re delighted you’ve joined us.

Want to check out Ellie’s wood carving business? Best place to start is her perfectly curated Instagram page. She also has a pretty great adventure photography Insta here.

And make sure to see the content Ellie will be producing for 448 by following us on our socials, or sign up to our mailing list below (it's in the footer, just keep scrolling, you'll find it!):




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