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This month we've been all about virtual events. I'm sure you've seen on social media but I've started as a Director of an online platform and events start-up called Forumm. We've seen some exciting growth already with a few large events under our belt and more to come. 

448 Studio will still operate as normal providing online social media workshops, consultancy and advertising. We have plans to grow over the next couple months as well with a larger emphasis on our academic support.

So what have we been up to this month?

Social media workshops and training are all ticking away in the background. I partnered up with Dr Carla Banks from Lancaster University to talk on a 'Find a Uni' webinar about social media and its importance to academia and research. We've been developing social media support packages for academics for quite some time so it was really nice to have the opportunity to talk about it. If you're interested in some help supporting your research on social media have a look at what we can offer here.

Now for the online events.

Glasgow Clyde College approached 448 Studio to assist with their online graduation so it's been a busy month of collating content, planning social media posts and of course nailing down the technicals for a virtual graduation. This dovetailed really well into the work I've been doing with Forumm! The event went really well last week Friday and we got to celebrate with the GCC students.

We also have the HEIST awards coming up in a couple weeks (19 November) which we're very excited to run. It's their 30th year, so we're making sure it's just that extra little bit special. You can sign up for the awards here.

Your monthly content calendar

Click on the image to download a PDF version - we're really going for that purple look this month!


The personal stuff

  • Laura is well into her Masters now, and impresses me everyday with the amount of plates she can spin at once!

  • Francis shared his 1st birthday on the 25th with Shona (celebrated in style of course)

That's all from me, have a lovely month. Dan


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