We are on track to meet our 75/50 goal - Week 3 Update

This isn’t REALLY a week - I mean we have both Thursday and Friday off so I thought I’d pick up on the 75/50 KPI’s* in my next post. So for this blog I’d really want to focus on the amazing work we’ve been doing over the past few weeks and what we have coming up too!

Let’s bullet point / number this out:

  1. We launched our brand new FORUMM online event website, it’s a tiny bit buggy but we are working through that. Go check it out.

  2. Our 24 hour conference All Day All Night has just been launched and we’ve got a date in November confirmed. We’re looking for speakers too, so get submitting (ignore the dopey looking video of me please).

  3. We have two events two coming up: One is the Lancashire Digital Summit taking place in a couple weeks - The other is with our wonderful ongoing partners Net Natives, who are running Think Student Live 2022 once again in July.

  4. Forumm V2 platform is well underway and should be set for release at the end of June - we’ve been having some really informative conversations with different University Alumni teams who are planning on trialling it out. Keep your eyes peeled for our Founder’s Package (thanks to Penny Eccles for the idea!)

  5. We’ve been non-stop with social media strategy work and workshops too: Completing a three day stint in Cheltenham last week with UCAS - following by a day with the team at University of Bristol - and a workshop with University of Edinburgh the week before.

  6. Coming up we are working with Kingston University, Leeds Uni, UCLan and of course never forget our hometown favourite University of Glasgow.

I’m so proud of the whole 448 Studio team for really pulling together, stepping out of their comfort zones and securing the work we need and love!

We are still on the hunt for a few more events to keep our guys in the studio nice and busy; and when they’re busy they’re happy. If you have an event big or small that you need a bit of help with please get in touch and I’ll pass you on to Eric and the team.

Wishing everyone a happy long weekend; whether you’re a royalist or not it’s nice to have a few extra days off work.

* Also for those interested we have been averaging about £11K per week - we have now completed three weeks and have four left to go.

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