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We have a confession to make about Bantshire Uni

It's not what you think.

Today 448 Studio has shamelessly launched a series of banner ads on the Bantshire Uni site. It all started with this cheeky slide into our DMs from the Bants themselves.

A message that says: Yo seeing if any HE agencies want exclusive advertising space on our website (on the rankings) in return for a Nintendo Switch. Tens of thousands of HE visitors innit. 448 Studio responds I'd be up for the, how do we make it happen.
First contact

As you can see from the time stamps it took me all of 4 minutes to decide to jump on the opportunity.

So how do we advertise on a satire site? Bantshire Uni is about having a bit of fun, and not taking the Higher Ed sector too seriously. I've always been impressed at how they've managed to be comedic but never at anyone's expense; Bantshire always puts themselves in the firing line of the jokes they make. So we thought the best way to go about creating ads was to develop a series of memes that embraced their tone.

jealous girlfriend meme 448 Studio Budget boyfriend looks at Bantshire Uni with his girlfriend as social media ads
How do you do fellow kids meme with the 448 studio logo on top

What do we expect result-wise?

Honestly? I was just hoping to find out who was behind the account, and if all it cost me was a Switch and a Zelda game I'd say that was a fair trade. I will however hold my hands up and say, I still have no clue. So that didn't really pay off.

In terms of actual business driven results, I'd rather leave that as an abstract. As a company I always want 448 Studio to support creativity, I've always admired how well Bantshire runs their socials and site. I like how they directly interact with the HE sector, like running mascot rankings, or showcasing very important information for prospective students; like how close Uni's are to Nando's (Nando’s Excellence Framework).

I'm really excited to have the opportunity to align 448 Studio with a site that I know is enjoyed by thousands of Higher Ed professionals. You'll see a series of ads dotted across the site over the next few months.

PS. Honestly I still have no idea who they are, but I will say this: if they ever do a 'reveal' we have an informal agreement that they'll come and talk at All Day All Night.

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