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We Ran a Hybrid Alumni Event for Cornell University!

Last week was a big one for us.

After much planning, collaboration, design, and communication, we finally launched Cornell Leadership Week on our online event platform, Forumm!

With over 800 registrants, the three-day event saw Alumni from all over the world come together and take part in some amazing talks and networking, all streamed online by our fantastic team.

We were thrilled that Cornell University chose us to host this event and we were incredibly excited to tailor the platform specifically to their needs.

This included adding all of the Cornell University branding; a section for alumni to chat and share details; creating a space for Cornell Alumni socials links; and posting a day-by-day schedule which included links to all the talks and discussions.

It also included getting Forumm's accessibility standard up to WCAG 2.0 Level AA, a major step in us making sure events hosted on the platform can be enjoyed by the wider majority (and one we're personally really proud of).

With the event page remaining live, attendees can go back and watch the recorded talks at their leisure (especially useful for those who couldn't attend in real time).

Here's what our Project Manager Murray Beattie had to say on running the event:

"I'm so pleased we delivered a platform to Cornell highly tailored to their event needs.

We were able to integrate some new features in the backend to allow more granular customisation of the event's colour scheme. The sessions were all fantastic and the expertise of Cornell's production team shone brightly, with the broadcast looking A+.

The best parts for me? Watching the "Global Sustainability: The 2030 Project" talk, it was great to hear the steps that Cornell are taking to make the world a more sustainable place.

And - of course - partnering up with the wonderful Cornell alumni team and producing a remarkable event together. Great work team!"

We're incredibly proud to say the event was a huge success; our team worked tirelessly with Cornell University Alumni Affairs & Development’s communications, marketing, and participation department to ensure it was (great job everyone).

A big thanks to Cornell University's alumni department for choosing Forumm! If you have an event you'd like to see reach a wider audience, and want the organisation of hosting it online to be hassle-free, get in touch here to talk about how we can help you reach your event goals. Our project management team treat your event as their own, helping you with everything from planning to execution.

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