We’re in the thick of it now - 75/50 week 4 update

Let’s get the KPIs out of the way first:
  • WEEK 1: Total reach outs: 95 | Total business won: £19,600 | Days left: 42

  • WEEK 2: Total Reach outs: 135 (40 reach outs this week) | Total business won: £29,200 (£9600 this week) | Days left: 35

  • WEEK 3 / 4: Total Reach outs: 260 (125 reach outs this week) | Total business won: £35,670 (£6470 this week) | Days left: 21

Huge focus on reach outs this week (and a half - bank holidays and all) - I’m mega proud of my team who have had to step WAY outside their comfort zone and start building their network and reaching out to potential clients.

Even though it does appear to be a little lull in terms of business won right now, I’m still feeling really positive. We have quite a few irons in the fire when it comes to potential work which I believe will come into fruition in the next three weeks, I was always expecting a bit of a dip in the middle.

What I’m excited about this coming week:
  1. We’re releasing a new package deal for Social Media workshops with three options ranging from build your own workshops all the way to full strategy work.

  2. Speaking of package deals we’re working on a ‘Founders’ pack for University Alumni teams who want to join us in further developing our Forumm online event platform - hoping to have that in everyone’s hands before the end of the week too.

  3. Our Watford team have been meticulously working on reach-outs to support online events with live streaming expertise and it’s finally starting to pay off - looking forward to seeing that part of 448 Studio operating autonomously. Good old Freddy below booking in demos in between running tests on our equipment.

Freddy looking at camera with thumbs up with his computer beside him
Freddy booking demos

That's all for me folks - catch you next week!