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Work, travel, family + sleepless nights.

I’m fully aware that we’re in our first week in March, but in true monthly update fashion here’s what we got up to in February. It’s been a month full of travel, work, family and sleepless nights. Here we go.



The Game Changer

Over the past 6 months I’ve been working alongside Alistair Gray author of ‘The Game Changer’ book to help him hone his social media expertise! In February we finalised a video creation workflow for him to film, edit, caption and post to his LinkedIn channel. Have a look at what he created here.

Lancaster University Ad Training

Lancaster feels like a second home to me, it’s always great seeing LU people! In February I spent a day with my ex CASE SMC co-chair Cat Prill and her team to deliver a workshop on social media advertising. We  spent the day going through Facebook Business Manager, along with Twitter and LinkedIn ads. This allows the team flexibility when it comes to developing bespoke in-house ads on social media.

Two Full days with Frances and the School of Education

It’s all in the title. The first social media workshop was with professional staff the second day with academics. We developed a social media strategy along with learning how to create video. Thanks to Frances Docherty for organising the workshop and arranging easily the best catered lunch I've had at the University of Glasgow. Here’s a taster of one of the academic groups videos which has over 2.5K views!


UCAS isn’t just a form anymore, and no it’s not run by robots! The customer service and marketing team invited me to spend three days with them developing a custom social media workshop to help identify a tone of voice. It’s really nice to see established organisations still willing to push the envelope and support their staff development while refining their service across social media. If you’re not already following them on Instagram I suggest you do it. Thanks to Craig, Kate and Andy for being such amazing hosts. Want to know the UCAS take on tone of voice – it just so happens I made a little video about it.

National Assembly for Wales

Two days with the Research team at the National Assembly for Wales was not nearly enough! Thanks to Chloe and Elfyn for organising the workshops, the sweets, and of course the informal tours of the Assembly. I worked with the team at Senedd Research to help them identify their primary audience on Twitter with a bit of video creation and best practise mixed in. Understanding your intended audience defines everything you do across your social media channels, it’s usually the part of any social media strategy exercise that takes the most time.

PS. Anyone know how translate this section into Welsh?


The Personal Stuff

We had Mum, Dad and my sister Michaela staying with us for the past couple of weeks too. They showered Francis kisses and cuddles!

Here's what March has in store

  • Monthly consultancy work begins with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

  • Stakeholder meetings begin to develop a research specific social media impact guideline

  • I'll be speaking at CASE Social Media conference all about developing accessible social media content

  • Round two of Lancaster University social media research specific workshops beginsContent creation, LinkedIn specific and analytics workshops too


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