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Your September Recap

Samwise turned three in September and we were all very happy about that.

So happy in fact we cooked him a steak to celebrate and filmed it. Take a look here.

We're doing online events now.

Partnering up with the Live Suite media guys who have developed a bespoke video streaming platform called Forumm we are now able to offer a fully customisable online event and conference support package. We're already busy working away with Glasgow Clyde College on their one-of-a-kind graduation. Their online grad is at the end of the month and it is going to be spec.tac.ular!  The 30th anniversary of the HEIST awards is in November and we're thrilled to be able to support their first steps into making the award ceremony virtual. 

Dancing our way through 16 hours of ZOOOOOM

Our social media business bootcamp hosted by the Lancaster Work in Progress team ended on a high note with participants showing off their smooth zoom dance moves. This two day (16 hour) set of workshops covered channel overviews, creating content for social media, video creation practicals and strategy - dance training was a free add-on! Watch the video here.

All Day All Night steering group

We're having our first ever meeting with a hand selected group of people from around the world to discuss plans for next year's All Day All Night conference. As the conference grows Rob and I need a sounding board of people from all over to help keep us pointing in the right direction and ensuring our 24 hour conference stays relevant. We're selling early-early bird tickets for ADAN 21 right now here.


Coming up this month

  1. Work continues on supporting the Glasgow Clyde College team for their online graduation on the 30th

  2. Developing a marketing plan for our social media support packages for Academics

  3. HEIST online 30th anniversary awards planning

  4. More content creation workshops 

  5. Course and programme advertising - supporting Uni's with their 2021 recruitment drives

  6. 1 on 1 social media consultancy 

  7. A super secret announcement... 


The personal stuff

  • Laura started her MA in TV Fiction Writing at Glasgow Caledonian University - yipee!

  • I've been working compressed weeks in order to take Fridays off to care for Francis

  • Francis turns one on the 25th October - where has the year gone!? 

A kid with curly hair smiles from his car seat.
Francis sporting a couple teeth


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