448 Studio’s core mission is to share knowledge and empower people to learn how to use social and digital media effectively.

We offer social media workshops, training and consultancy that supports the public sector and higher education. 


Our passion is working with research and academic groups to ensure they have all the tools and confidence to share their research and knowledge effectively. Social media channels are so saturated with information that it can be really challenging to break through it all.


We believe now more than ever, that sharing of accurate information and global networking is crucial. That’s why we’ve developed a full support programme and academic network created just for those in research and education.

448 Studio’s services don't end with workshops and training. We also run a 24hr global online conference for the education sector called All Day All Night, which we run on our very own virtual event platform Forumm. We’re a full service social and digital media support company with education and learning at our core!

Who We Are

Dan launched 448 Studio in 2018. He specialises in developing solutions and bespoke workshops for people and businesses who want to up-skill and connect with their audiences through social media.

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Daniel Marrable

Founder & CEO


Eric looks after all our day to day operations including finances and staffing. Eric founded Forumm which is now a part of 448 Studio. During our online events, he manages our broadcast team from our Watford studio.

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Eric Kim

Chief Operating Officer


A recent graduate from the Mackintosh School of Architecture in architectural computation, Junaid is constantly experimenting with integrating new technologies and systems for digital spaces for 448 Studio. 

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Junaid Malik

Integration Lead 


A graduate in Computer Science, Murray brings with him project management and operations experience. Murray's responsibilities include managing the various Forumm events, web development, and most recently, sales.

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Murray Beattie

Project Manager & Web Designer

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With over 15 years experience of developing and managing academic and cultural heritage digital projects, Hilary oversees our academic support programme. She leads our social media workshops and develops our academic curriculum. 

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Hilary Young 

Head of Knowledge & Learning


As a Software Developer, Alex has been working on the Forumm platform since inception and is due to soon graduate with a degree in Software Engineering from Lancaster University. His main responsibility involves working with clients to develop new features for the Forumm platform.

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Alex Woodhouse

Development Team


Cameron's main responsibility is working alongside clients to provide a streamlined platform.

Cameron Clough

Development Team


Joseph is one of two broadcast engineers who works in our Watford Studio. He works on all our live broadcasts during events to ensure the best possible experience.

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Joseph Cairns

Broadcast Engineer


Calum recently graduated from the University of the West of Scotland with a degree in Psychology. As Executive Assistant he helps facilitate day to day administrative tasks.

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Calum Brown

Executive Assistant


Arudson works alongside Joseph in our Watford Studio to deliver live broadcasts onto our Forumm platform. He also works on quality control for all our events to ensure an excellent service.

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Arudson Thavarajah

Broadcast Engineer

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What People Say

"Dan’s contribution in developing our approach to social media was simply outstanding. His depth of understanding, clarity of thought and very personable approach with a wide group of internal stakeholders was instrumental in helping us make a step change in our strategic thinking and tactical approach to our social media presence."

Professor James A. Miller

PhD, MBA, BSc (Hons), RGN, FRSM

Deputy Vice Chancellor - Glasgow Caledonian University

"Dan, I salute you. You helped me make sense of the alien planet that is Instagram. My children still think I am a total embarrassment but it wouldn’t be fair to ask you to solve every issue in my life. 
I even sort of enjoy it now and that, believe me, is a major triumph ."

Kaye Adams

Loose Women Panelist (ITV) and Radio Broadcaster


"Dan’s work on refreshing our social media strategy has been of great value. We now have new social media guidance and resources, and we're able to offer workshops across a range of themes from strategy to content creation. Thanks Dan for all your hard work on this project!"

Jemma Cole

Senior Social Media Officer, Cardiff University

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Best Use of Social Media
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