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July Newsletter

Hi, remember me? Our last 448 Studio update was April... woops. Here's what we got up to.


Our work with Lancaster University academics is coming to a close at the end of this month. We're working on three case studies that highlight research group progress and we'll make those available to you once completed. It's been really refreshing working with research groups to define their social media objectives as well as giving any additional guidance. The confidence each of the groups now has using social media to its full capacity is great to see.


I've been banging on about the 24 hour social media online conference we ran last month for a while now so I won't bore you too much. We are however in the process of developing an online event support package for those that need a bit of help delivering their live stream event or conference. Keep your eyes open for updates in the coming month.  Until then here is a link to the blog I wrote about ADAN20 - All Day All Night - One Month On


The week after staying awake for 24 hours I joined the team at UCAS to deliver a social media masterclass on tone of voice and how to build a social media comms plan for Clearing. Thanks to everyone that hopped on!


Similar to most small businesses when events that are out of your control happen you have to find inventive ways to continue to operate... and pay the bills of course. That's why we've been doing a lot more work in the social and digital media advertising space. Everything from helping Universities with their online learning recruitment to garden centres selling plants and everything in between!


Over the past few months as social media workshops have dipped a bit we've been concentrating on consultancy projects. One of our long-standing clients Glasgow Caledonian University asked us to review their COVID-19 social media comms and deliver a talk on how it stacked up to the rest of the industry (in case you're wondering, it stacked up very well of course because they're great). Additionally we've been delivering 1on1 training and have developed a series of 2 hour classes that cover channel reviews, content creation as well as advertising and strategy. I really enjoy delivering 1on1 training and as it's nice to work with an individual to address specific needs and challenges they have. We even send them away with homework each week.



What do we have in the pipeline for the next few months?

We're working with a team to develop an online events and conference platform with embedded live streaming technical support. Updates to come!

In the process of redesigning the website to ensure what we're offering is always up to date with an aim to launch the new look next month.

We've been putting a lot of effort into developing social media support packages specifically for Academics and Researchers. This is something we've always been very passionate about at 448 Studio and we're looking to come alongside research groups to help them develop content that delivers tangible results on social media. There will be different tiers to the support, from simple content calendars to custom content templates and monthly video training calls.



Laura is currently back in Italy spending some long overdue time with her family. I'm also thrilled to announce that she will continue to live and work in Glasgow as she's been accepted for a Masters in TV Fiction Writing at GCU... so proud!

I'm hoping to take a bit of time off in August where I can. I've already started to book Fridays off to look after Francis while Shona works. I've done two full days of daddy daycare so far and it's been lovely having 1on1 time with the little guy. Planning as many day trips as possible with the fella, if anyone has any suggestions of fun activities to do with small kids please send them along!

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