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Just Breath | 448 Studio March Update

So much can change in a few short weeks. I just read my February update, and if I knew what was in store perhaps I wouldn't have been so upbeat! But, we are where we are, and I sincerely hope you and your families stay safe during the next few months. We're all resilient people, and as tough as it might get over the next little while, I know we will bounce back stronger than ever... together.


Everything is digital

As the title suggest, everything is going digital at 448 Studio for the foreseeable future. The 448 Studio primary mission from the beginning has always been to share knowledge, and help people achieve their social media and content creation objectives through workshops and training. It doesn't look like groups of people sitting in rooms is going to happen for some time yet! So the solution: all social media workshops will be delivered through live video to keep everyone safe.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

At the beginning of the month I started my retainer work at the RCPSG offices following from the social media workshop I did with them at the beginning of the year. Now it's all about catch-ups via Zoom!

A screengrab of a vide conference call with everyone holding their coffee mug up. Ross in the top left is holding a cup shaped as a cat delicately.

Social media guidelines for researchers

I've been developing a set of guidelines and workshops for Academics with research impact in mind. This month was another step to completing them. I had the pleasure of chatting with Linzi & Fergus from UofG about the best approach for working with Academics to demonstrate social media 'impact' surrounding their research. Also found out that the word 'impact' makes most researchers cringe...

Digital Coffee with Dan

Even Coffee with Dan is DIGITAL now. Since re-launching last week I've had five chats already! So take a break, click the image below to sign up for a 15 minute catch-up.

A computer with the words digital coffee with dan written on it,

The Personal Stuff

I think this picture pretty much sums it all up!

A man sits with his young son on a couch while working on his laptop

Here's what April has in store

  • Continuing to support Lancaster University Academics alongside Dr Carla Banks with our social media support programme

  • Delivering social media training via live video

  • Probably some gardening

  • Trying to stay sane (via Houseparty - download this app)

  • Spending quality time with my boy


Need help planning your April content?

We've got you covered. We've partnered up with Mish Guru to put together what could be trending throughout the month. Download our April content inspiration calendar by clicking the image below.

That's your monthly dose of 448 Studio!


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